Clients Share Testimonials for Actually Organized

“I have been working with Angela to clear clutter and organize for almost 5 years. She has helped me come up with systems and maintain a home environment that works for me and does not leave me feeling overwhelmed. I had to downsize this year, and Angela really helped me figure out what to keep, what to purge, and how to get it into a functional smaller space. She’s fun to talk to and easy to work with.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find and maintain a zen space.”  Mollie H.

“I’ve been trying to motivate my husband to de-clutter his office for years but backed off to maintain marital harmony.  With Angela’s impartial guidance, she helped him to organize his office in a couple of short hours – thus making us both happy!”  Lilian Y.

“God bless you and your organizational skills!  You have helped create a MUCH MORE livable space for my family.  You show amazing tact and grace in decluttering my house.  Thank you again for helping to get living room, sunroom and basement room into actual livable common areas of our home.  As I’ve said before, you ROCK!”  Theresa Q.

“Thanks for your help Angela.  It was fun AND productive.  Couldn’t do it with just anyone, and you are the perfect person with whom to work.  You probably haven’t seen/heard the last of me.”   Sue T.

“Angela was very accommodating in her services and flexible in my special requests.  She loves what she does and I’d love to have her weekly to keep me on top of my ‘hot spots’!”  Mary L.

 “Cleaning my office and getting organized had been on my list of things to do for a long time.  It wasn’t until Angela came to work with me that I was able to accomplish it.  We eliminated the piles from the desktop and created a system I could use for keeping it clean.”  David F.

 “Angela is a wonderful professional organizer! Creative, good sense of humor and totally gets me!” Teri H.

“As the mom of 3 busy kids, I’m all about doing things to save me time and money. Having Angela organize my pantry made perfect sense! She helped me get things so I can find them (and my kids can’t find the things they aren’t supposed to). That will save me time and money the next time I need to make my grocery list: no more buying things I already had in there but missed. I definitely recommend using Angela if you need to calm the chaos in your life!”  Jennifer D.

“I called Angela for help organizing my family photos and scrapbooking room. I left a message and my call was returned the same day and we set up a meeting time within the next week.  This was a monumental and emotional task as I have 4 kids and hadn’t organized/scrapbooked much since my mom’s death 8 years ago. She was sensitive to my situation and very patient during the sorting process.  She recommended a system for keeping the photos and memorabilia organized going forward which I’ve found to be easy to keep up with.  We also sorted through my scrapbooking supplies and were able to weed out many of the things I wasn’t using anymore as they were cluttering up my work space making it difficult to get anything done.  I now have a welcoming, uncluttered space that I look forward to working in.  It’s been a huge relief to knock this off my to-do list and a very worthwhile experience. ”  Cynthia R.

“I’ve known Angela for many years. During that time, she ran two Girl Scout troops and a household with two busy daughters, in addition to many other volunteer commitments. I can honestly say that Angela is THE most organized person I know. Her home has always been a calm, peaceful, uncluttered living space with everything in its place. Now that her girls are about grown up, she manages her own organization business sharing her skills and expertise with others. If you need help with large or small projects, from de-cluttering, to organizing rooms, closets or spaces, to packing or unpacking before or after a move, call Angela. Her help will be invaluable and make your life run smoother. You’ll wish you had done it sooner!”    Monica N.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me tame my chaos, and help make giving (unwanted items) so meaningful. It makes all the difference to me and so many. You are the wonder liaison that makes it happen! “  Ann S.